Oak Hill Chapel

Our Assistant Pastors      Bill Engel and David Craig 

Bill Engel is one of the assistant pastors at Oak Hill Chapel. Pastor Bill graduated from Southwest High School in 1964 and started work in various fields of service and manufacturing, joined the Army Reserves in 1966 and began an apprenticeship as a patternmaker in 1967 and also attended Wash U night school. In 1969, Bill got married to Shirley Ann Wolfenbarger the love of his life. Bill and Shirley have been happily married ever since. They have four children, one of which has already gone to be with the Lord. So far Bill and Shirley have 12 grandchildren (one of which is also with the Lord) and one great-grandson.

Bill worked 44 years of his life as a patternmaker until his retirement. He loves his family dearly, liked race cars and hunting, but his true love is Jesus Christ who saved him at the age of 35.

“Since that day of salvation in Christ, God has given him a desire to serve Him however He gives the opportunity.”
Bill has spent his years since salvation in humble yet tireless service to God. God has given Bill the opportunity to spread the word overseas in Romania and Mexico and to many people locally in his community.

One of Pastor Bill’s favorite sayings is: "I’m just nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who will save anybody."  His name is Jesus

​Dr. Craig, or Dr. Dave as he is better known, is an assistant pastor at Oak Hill Chapel.   He comes from a long line of family in ministry.  While Dr. Dave chose to pursue a career in medicine, he has always been very active in both church and ministry.  In fact, Pastor Ed and Dr. Dave both started their Christian walk in the same church under the same senior pastor in Connecticut.

After Dr. Dave finished medical school, he practiced in Connecticut and in Arizona, and he was active and served in the local churches he attended in each location.

In 2013 God opened a career opportunity for Dr. Dave in Missouri, and it was then he started his service at Oak Hill Chapel. After serving faithfully, he was brought into leadership and ordained in December of 2014.

Dr. Dave is married to Mairi Craig who also serves faithfully as needed at

Oak Hill Chapel to help the community and family the church touches. 

Our Senior Pastor    Ed Potz

Ed Potz is the senior pastor at Oak Hill Chapel and has ministered here for ten years. For decades more he has been connected as a friend to the church and its former lead pastor, Teddy Renollet. Pastor Ed earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Gateway College of Evangelism in Saint Louis. A child of immigrants, Pastor Ed grew up in a hard-working, German-speaking home and was called into ministry at a very young age. Ed has two grown daughters, whose lives he regularly uses as sermon illustrations. As a leader and shepherd Pastor Ed values family and the impact that a gift of friendship and personal investment can have in an individual’s life and in God’s great plan.

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